2012 News Releases

NipsIt™ SUITE Cereals OF Seed Protectant Now Available to Cereal Growers

New Cereal Seed Protectant Brings Unsurpassed Protection

February 9, 2012

WALNUT   CREEK, Calif.—Cereal growers now have a new, powerful tool for on-the-farm seed treatments: NipsIt™ SUITE Cereals OF Seed Protectant.

Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced that NipsIt SUITE Cereals OF has been approved for use in cereals—giving growers unsurpassed wireworm protection in cereal crops and strong control of common seed and seedling diseases, including troublesome loose smut in spring barley.

Acting both as a contact and super-systemic protectant, NipsIt SUITE Cereals OF brings together a next-generation fungicide and a leading-edge insecticide for "inside-out" protection against insects and diseases in cereal seed and seedlings. 

Jay Stroh, Valent seed protection brand manager, said in addition to its powerful control over the toughest insects and diseases, NipsIt SUITE Cereals OF allows growers to choose the rate at which the protectant may be applied to the seed—from 5 fl oz/cwt to 7.5 fl oz/cwt—depending on the pest pressure. 

"If pest pressure is especially strong in a particular season or even in a particular field, cereal growers have been forced to put their crops at risk with protectants that may be limited by the lower treatment rate," Stroh said. "NipsIt SUITE Cereals OF lets growers adjust their rate to their individual needs, and ensures they get the proven, strong protection they require against such tough pests as wireworm and loose smut."

Stroh added that NipsIt SUITE Cereals OF also employs Lock Tight™ Technology which "locks" the coating onto the seed for unmatched protection.

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