2012 News Releases

Domark® Fungicide Enters Corn Market with Strong Start

Growers give high ratings to the newly registered corn fungicide

March 22, 2012

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—A new report by Valent U.S.A. Corporation reveals that corn growers who used Domark® Fungicide in trials in 2011 saw excellent results when applied at the VT (tasseling) growth stage.

Growers in the 15-state trial reported higher yields with Domark, when compared with untreated corn and a leading corn fungicide. Growers also reported positive corn plant effects with the use of Domark, such as greener leaves, less drought stress and stalk breakage, and reduced lodging.

Other data from trial participants included positive attributes in the following areas:

  • 85 percent of participants rated disease control as "very good" to "excellent" with the use of Domark
  • 95 percent of participants rated crop safety as "very good" to "excellent" with the use of Domark 
  • 100 percent of participants considered themselves "satisfied" to "extremely satisfied" with their Domark experience

"The excellent yield results reinforce that Domark will be an effective return on investment for corn growers," said Gerald Holmes, Valent field market development specialist. "Corn growers can now experience the same confidence in performance that Domark has been providing soybean growers for years."

Holmes added that Domark is a new solution for corn growers seeking to manage ever-rising input costs while achieving higher yields through effective fungicide use.

Domark is a powerful systemic product that delivers both preventive and curative control in a single active ingredient. It is proven effective across a broad spectrum of corn diseases, including gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, southern rust, common rust, anthracnose leaf blight, eye spot, northern corn leaf spot and southern corn leaf spot. Additionally, the low use rate of Domark makes it more convenient to handle when compared to other corn fungicides.

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