Valent to Launch Fierce™ Herbicide

New corn, soybean herbicide showing long-lasting residual performance in field trials

May 11, 2010

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—Valent U.S.A. Corporation, Kumiai Chemical Industry Company and Ihara Chemical Industry Corporation announced plans to introduce Fierce Herbicide—a new residual herbicide expected to be launched for corn and soybeans in 2011. Fierce will join the strong product line of residual herbicides from Valent and will offer farmers the longest-lasting, most dependable residual weed control with rotational flexibility to corn, soybeans and wheat.

“Valent and Kumiai have a long relationship of bringing farmers excellent solutions to their tough weed problems,” said Jamie Nielson, Valent brand manager. “With maximum residual performance and dependability in controlling tough weeds, Fierce will be a herbicide that farmers can count on day in and day out.”

In hundreds of corn and soybean trials across the country, Nielson said, Fierce has shown the longest-lasting residual control—as much as eight weeks—against tough or glyphosate-resistant weeds, such as Palmer amaranth, marestail, common ragweed and lambsquarters, as well as annual grasses. Fierce also has shown overall increased consistency in the field, resulting in dependable performance for growers with tough weed issues. With the flexibility that Fierce offers, growers who plan to plant corn, soybeans or wheat can feel at ease if crop plans change.

The new herbicide will contain flumioxazin and pyroxasulfone. Last year, flumioxazin, which is the active ingredient in Valor® Herbicide from Valent, became the most often used active ingredient in soybean preemergence applications. Fierce can be applied in the spring up to seven days before planting corn and up to three days after planting soybeans. Fierce can also be applied in the fall by farmers who plan on planting corn or soybeans.

Fierce and Valor are part of the strong lineup of soybean products from Valent U.S.A. Corporation: Valor XLT Soybean Herbicide, Gangster® Herbicide, Domark® Fungicide, Cobra® Herbicide, Phoenix Herbicide, Resource® Herbicide, Select Max® Herbicide with Inside Technology, INOVATE System and Belay® Insecticide.

About Valent U.S.A. Corporation
Valent U.S.A., headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, develops and markets products in the United States and Canada that protect agricultural crops, enhance crop yields, improve food quality, beautify the environment and safeguard public health. Valent U.S.A. products include a well-known line of quality herbicide, insecticide, plant growth regulator, seed protection and fungicide products for agricultural and professional use. It differentiates itself from its competitors as a leader in marketing and sales of both biorational and traditional chemical products.

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About Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, conducts research and development to create new crop protection products in cooperation with Ihara Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Kumiai’s motto is "to protect and foster life and nature through creative science." To live up with this motto, Kumiai strives to create the products that can be used in domestic farmlands and the major farmlands of the world. Through this effort, Kumiai hopes to be able to contribute to the world food security.

For more information about Kumiai Chemical, visit the Kumiai Chemical Web site at www.kumiai-chem.co.jp