Sumagic Registered as First Plant Growth Regulator for Vegetable Transplants

April 21, 2009

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—Valent Professional Products announced the registration of Sumagic® Plant Growth Regulator for use on multiple vegetable transplant crops grown in commercial greenhouses, including tomato, pepper, eggplant, groundcherry, pepino and tomatillo.

With this new registration, Sumagic becomes the first plant growth regulator (PGR) registered for use on fruiting vegetable crops. Sumagic has been widely used throughout greenhouse operations for years as an effective PGR for increasing marketability and shelf life of a wide variety of bedding and potted plants and woody ornamentals.

“Before Sumagic, transplant growers were forced to rely on environmental techniques and low levels of fertility to help maintain compact vegetable plugs,” said Jason Fausey, field market development specialist with Valent Professional Products. “Sumagic allows growers greater flexibility in managing these plants for shipping, helping improve the overall flow of the operation.”

Sumagic, which contains the active ingredient uniconazole, is now registered for use as a foliar spray on vegetable transplants. Sumagic’s recommended label rate for this new use pattern is 2 to 10 ppm at a volume of 2 quarts per 100 square feet of crop, though trials conducted at Michigan State University showed that as little as a single 1.0 ppm spray application of Sumagic had a significant effect on inhibiting extension growth of tomato seedlings. 

“Since conditions vary among greenhouses, and individuals may want different desired responses among various crops, it is important for growers to conduct small-scale trials within their own operation to find the ideal rates of Sumagic for their unique needs,” Fausey said.

Sumagic is registered for use on vegetable transplants in all states except California and New York.

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