MaulerTM Herbicide

Mauler Herbicide
  • Proven chemistry that is part of Roundup Ready® PLUS
  • Broad spectrum broadleaf control
  • Liquid formulation for improved mixing and handling

Proven chemistry, proven control.

New Mauler Herbicide provides proven broad spectrum broadleaf weed control in a variety of crops. Mauler adds an effective mode of action on waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, while increasing control of ragweeds, morningglories, kochia, and marestail.

Download Label/SDS for Mauler Herbicide.

Download Label/SDS
  • waterhemp
  • Palmer amaranth
  • ragweed
  • morninglory
  • kochia
  • marestail
  • soybeans
  • Georgia

Always read and follow label instructions.

Mauler is pending state registration and is not available for sale. Check registration status prior to use.

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