AT the Ready

At The Ready

Growing season is here, and Valent U.S.A. wants to keep you at the ready all season long. With a full portfolio of soybean solutions, we’re dedicated to making sure you’re ready for any challenges that come your way, preplant to harvest. We’re also connecting you to incentive programs to help put money back in your pocket. And the advantages don’t stop there; our Fully Loaded Sweepstakes is where you can sign up to win big prizes to make farm life easier.

Are you ready? Learn more about our solutions, the incentives you could earn and get signed up for a chance to win one of four 2018 John Deere® Gators utility vehicles below.

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Cobra® Herbicide

Control of profit-stealing weeds for soybeans, peanuts and cotton

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Fierce® Herbicide

Residual control of tough weeds and grasses in corn and soybeans.

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Fierce® MTZ Herbicide Co-Pack

Fierce® Herbicide MTZ Co-Pack contains three effective modes of action that provide the longest lasting residual control of the toughest broadleaf weeds and grasses.

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Fierce® XLT Soybean Herbicide

Provides premium broadleaf and grasses control in soybeans

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Mauler Herbicide

Mauler Herbicide from Valent Agricultural Products

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Phoenix™ Herbicide

Postemergence control for soybeans with no carryover or crop safety concerns

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Resource® Herbicide

Adds speed to Roundup and kills tough weeds that Roundup alone misses for cotton, corn and soybeans

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Select Max® Herbicide with Inside Technology

Postemergence grass, volunteer corn control with excellent crop safety

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Valor® EZ Herbicide

Valor® EZ Herbicide is an easy mixing and loading liquid formulation herbicide that provides proven preemergence weed control in early preplant burndown and preemergence programs.

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Valor® SX Herbicide

Valor SX is a preemergence herbicide for use on soybeans, cotton and peanuts that provides growers 4-6 weeks of residual control.

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Valor® XLT Soybean Herbicide

The broadest spectrum, longest residual control of tough weeds with competitive grass performance for soybeans

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Asana® XL Insecticide

Long-lasting, unique formulation for outstanding control on a broad spectrum of pests

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Belay® Insecticide

Long-lasting, fast-acting control of a broad spectrum of pests.

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Zeal® Miticide

Long-lasting mite control in a single application

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Aveo™ EZ Nematicide

Available as a stand-alone product, Aveo EZ Nematicide is a fast-drying, easy-mixing and reliable solution for soybean cyst nematode control. The low use rate of Aveo EZ makes it easy to add to INTEGO® SUITE Soybeans for complete soybean protection.

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Discover the most complete soybean seed protection against Pythium and Phytophthora. INTEGO SUITE Soybeans also offers broad spectrum insect control.

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