MycoApply® EndoPrime®

Soil Health

MycoApply® EndoPrime® contains four carefully selected species of mycorrhizal fungi that help improve nutrient efficiency, drought tolerance and protect yield potential throughout the season. Applied in-furrow, MycoApply EndoPrime helps get the crop off to a strong start by quickly and effectively colonizing plant roots. With the capability to be applied with water or starter fertilizer as a carrier, MycoApply EndoPrime can be easily added to existing cropping practices for better plant health today and increased cropland productivity through healthy soil for years to come.

Product Benefits

  • Expands Root Absorption
  • Improves Drought Stress Tolerance
  • Increases Nutrient Access and Uptake
  • Improves Soil Structure

Mycorrhizae in Action

Learn how MycoApply mycorrhizal inoculant products work, including how the mycorrhizal symbiosis is formed, and how this symbiotic relationship benefits plants and soils.

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MycoApply EndoPrime Corn Confidence Program

The MycoApply EndoPrime Corn Confidence Program is designed to help growers maximize their investments in soil health

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Product Details


  • For Grain Field Corn
  • For Seed Field Corn
  • For Silage Field Corn
  • Sweet Corn
  • For Seed Sweet Corn
  • Cotton
  • Peanut
  • Popcorn

* Each crop and use may not be registered in every state. Always read and follow label instructions.

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